CRYOTEK process

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CRYOTEK process

AMNIOX® Medical’s patented CRYOTEK™ Process is a result of 25 years of research into the biology of the Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord. This process utilizes deep freezing to preserve the functional and structural integrity of the tissues while maintaining their natural hydrated state. Other forms of processing requiring dehydration of the matrix degrade this critical biology, and may limit the tissue’s capabilities.

The clinical success of the CRYOTEK Process has been demonstrated in more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and 130,000 human transplants. The CRYOTEK Process prevents immune rejection of the graft by devitalizing living cells and preserving the following functional components of the extracellular matrix:

  • Collagens (types I, III, IV, V and VI)
  • Fibronectin
  • Laminin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Proteoglycans
  • HC-HA
  • Growth factors

Peer-­Reviewed Literature

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