Podiatry Resident Education Program

Podiatry Resident Education Program

The Podiatry Resident Education Program (PREP) provides podiatry residents with supplemental education in the clinical application of human placental tissue products for chronic wound care and as an adjunct to foot and ankle reconstructive procedures. The AMNIOX® Medical Mission is built upon the integrity of its sound ethics and service model. Our primary objective of this program is to provide educational resources for podiatric residents.

This program is designed to increase the exposure and training available to podiatric residents in the field of advanced treatment therapies using umbilical cord/amniotic membrane products to improve patient outcomes in chronic wound treatment and reconstructive surgery. This program is made available exclusively to podiatric residents who have completed two years of residency and have been selected to serve as Chief Resident and/or in a leadership role in residency. Eligible residents must be affiliated with an accredited residency program.


To Submit:

  1. Download the application.

  2. Complete all questions and save the document as LastName_FirstName_StateofResidence.pdf (ie. Smith_John_Georgia.pdf)

  3. Send your PREP application or email us by simply clicking here!

Submissions must be received no later than Friday, July 10th.

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