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Handling Standards

NEOX® Wound Matrix and CLARIX® Regenerative Matrix are packaged using a double sterile barrier—a poly peel-pouch sealed within a poly/foil outer peel-pouch. Allow cryopreserved products* to thaw at room temperature in their original unopened packaging for at least 5-10 minutes. To open the inner pouch, peel above the seal line, or use sterile scissors to cut below the seal line. Sterile smooth forceps or gloves can be used to remove the inner peel-pouch and introduce it to the sterile field. Remove Matrix using smooth sterile forceps. 

NEOX CORD 1K®, CLARIX CORD 1K®, and NEOX CORD RT are immediately ready for transplantation once removed from the sterile packaging. The CRYOTEK® and STERITEK™ preservation processes allow the tissue to maintain hydration, and the optimized thickness provides easy handling and suturing of the tissue. 

The NEOX 100 Wound Matrix and CLARIX 100 Regenerative Matrix must be removed from the carrier paper. The Quick-Peel backing is split, thereby offering two flaps for optimized handling and controlled delivery. To apply a NEOX 100 Matrix or CLARIX 100 Matrix, simply locate the flaps on paper backing, gently peel apart flaps, place with adhesive side towards the defect, and dispose of paper backing. 


*Cryopreserved products include NEOX CORD 1K, NEOX 100, CLARIX CORD 1K, and CLARIX 100

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